Stars To Remake “We Are The World”

I bet a lot of you are too young to remember when “We Are The World” first hit the airwaves 25 years ago, in 1985. The single, written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, was recorded by an all-star lineup that crossed music genres and quickly became the biggest-selling single of all time. The proceeds went to famine relief charities in Ethiopia. I was 8 years old when “We Are The World” was released and I was living on an Air Force base in Japan, and even there, I can remember the song playing everywhere — in stores, on the street, in train stations and airports and bus terminals. It was a world-wide phenomenon. I liked to sing along and pretend I was Cyndi Lauper, one of my favorite childhood idols (second only to Judy Blume).
Yesterday, almost exactly 25 years to the day the original “We Are the World” was recorded, a new crop of pop stars got together in a studio in Hollywood to record a remake of the song. This time, proceeds of the single will go to Haiti relief efforts. Among some of the stars confirmed to have participated in the remake are: Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Kanye West, Wyclef Jean, T-Pain, Randy Jackson, Gladys Knight, Brandy, Harry Connick Jr., and Josh Groban. Other rumored participants include Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Bono, and Sheryl Crow. “It’s the 25th anniversary and it’s perfect timing,” Producer Quincy Jones said. “It’s not an accident, man. That’s God. It will be ‘We Are the World’ for Haiti.” [via Us Weekly]