Reality Ad Campaign: Agyness And Orlando Couple Up

Leave it to Terry Richardson to create the most uncomfortable and awkward scenarios, only to capture them in a way that’s grossly entertaining. That’s what he’s brilliantly done with a campaign for a Chinese clothing label called Me & City. In the shoot, he sets up Agyness Deyn and Orlando Bloom as a couple, catching their most realistic moments on film—a mundane conversation at a cafe, being goofy in the kitchen, or playing around in Orlando’s dressing room. OK, so maybe the shots of Aggy with a chainsaw or surrounded by dozens of balloons aren’t quite everyday happenings (well, who knows what you do with your boyfriend). We’re kind of loving this approach to fashion advertising, because, really, how often do you find yourself barefoot on a beach and with a horse, in an orgy of snakes, or about to make love to a farmhand in a field? (Again, maybe your life is just more interesting than ours, we don’t know.) [Grazia]

“Hey Aggy, how ’bout dem apples?”

“Orlando, you really need to take better care of your T-zone.”