Quickies: Glue-Happy, Revenge-Seeking Women Have Been Convicted & Bible Burlesque

  • Back in August we wrote about four women who glued their cheating man’s penis to his stomach. Well, three of the women have been convicted for their participation in the crime. [Fox 6 Now]
  • Teahas become a trendy drink for younger, more discerning fans. [Reuters]
  • Classic Valentine’s Day gifts have their advantages, but there’s also a bit of a cheese factor. [TrèsSugar]

  • This Bible burlesque show makes Jesus sexy, um, not really. [Asylum]
  • Take a look at Catherine Holstein’s makeover of fashion label Evisu for fall 2010. [Refinery 29]
  • Check out the meanest wedding proposal we’ve ever seen. [College Humor]
  • Next-day body aches are only one thing to hate about sex. [College Candy]