Is Vienna Of “The Bachelor” Mega-Shady?

Is Vienna the new Rozlyn on “The Bachelor“? Or is she an Ed? Or, gasp, even a Wes? Possible spoilers, after the jump …Rumors are flying all up and down the internet that Vienna is the girl Jake chooses in the end. But meanwhile lots of dirt is coming out about her. Fairly early on in the show, she fessed up to Jake that she’d been married before. Apparently, she was engaged to her boyfriend of four years and decided to break it off. He got married a month later, which sent her into a frenzy and she eloped soon after with some dude named Joshua Riley, only to inevitably divorce less than a year later.

Oh, but there’s more. Turns out that she also took some topless photos. This year’s C.O.D. Trees pin-up calendar features her wearing nothing more than a Burberry scarf draped lightly over her chest. And even worse, some are saying that Vienna has had an off-and-on boyfriend for years, whom she was with the night before leaving for “The Bachelor.” So what do you think—is Vienna bad news or is this an intricate smear campaign for a girl who has a bit more personality than the others? I consider this just a little more fodder for our theory that “Bachelor” producers cast people with a little shade in their past, because it makes for drama.