Flowers, Magazines, Free Beauty Products — Wait, This Is A Bar?!?!

Call me prissy, but I avoid bars like I avoid men who wear bow ties. The loud music, the basketball game on TV, the syphilitic-looking bathrooms? No thank you. I’d much rather meet my girls for a Frappuccino or a mani-pedi, any place where the seats aren’t sticky. But if dive bars took a cue from the Brits, I might be convinced to change my ways: Greene King, a chain of pubs in the U.K., is revamping 1,600 watering holes to make them friendlier to female customers. According to London’s Daily Mail, Greene King pubs are wooing the ladies by offering larger wine glasses, decorating the bar tops with flowers and magazines, and filling the bathroom with free toiletries. “Pubs often fail to accommodate women eating and drinking alone or out with other female friends,” said Greene King’s director of recruitment. “Typically pubs generally target mainly men, under 25s and families, and we need to redress the balance.” Even though these perks are supposed to appeal to the so-called “SWAG” demographic — Sassy, Wise And Grown Up, meaning over age 35 — you won’t hear me complaining if someone girly-ed up the local dive. [Daily Mail UK]