Dear Crystal Ball: What Will Happen On “Lost” This Season?

4 8 15 16 23 42. These numbers will only make sense (err, be recognizable?) to “Lost” fans and I needed something to grab your attention since you’re probably losing it a little in anticipation of tonight’s season premiere. This is the sixth and final season of the polar bear and time travel-tastic series, which means that it’s (presumably?) time for the writers to start tying up all the loose ends. So what will be happening this season? There are a zillion theories out there. After the jump, we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting.
If you want theories on “Lost,” your first stop should always be Jeff “Lost”-Junkie Jensen over at Entertainment Weekly. He’s not only dissected the series every which way possible, but he’s done extensive interviews with the show’s executive producers, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. They tell him that, for sure, Claire (Emilie de Ravin, who disappeared in season 4), Boone (Ian Somerhalder, who died way back in season 1), Charlie (Dominic Monaghan, who drowned at the end of season 3), and Michael (Harold Perrineau, who was supposedly blown to bits in season 4) will all be coming back. They also tell us that while Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) did actually die in the bomb explosion at the end of last season, she’ll still be making appearances, too.

So what else does Jensen predict will happen? He says, “Every season of ‘Lost’ involves or often climaxes with parents or parental figures who go to extreme, reckless lengths to save or rescue their children.” He believes season six will be no different, and that the big parent drama will be, of course, between Jack Shephard and his father, Christian, who, while dead, is entwined with the island in mysterious ways.

Which leads us to the big question — uh, what is the island? Jensen explains his theory:

“The Island is the literal manifestation of an old way of looking at the world … The Island exists for anyone who believes in the concept of the mythical journey — a heroic odyssey, a ritualistic walkabout, a quest for spiritual redemption. The Island used to be much bigger and occupied much more of the world’s psychic geography. The Island once may have even been the whole wide world. But skepticism, cynicism, and disbelief have caused it to shrink away from our mind’s eye, becoming nothing more than a slender piece of ephemeral real estate.”

His theory follows that Jacob and the Man in Black (who he believes is the smoke monster) were given co-control over the island. Jacob embodies hope, so he has tried to keep the island alive as a place where it can live, while the Man in Black embodies despair. He no longer sees the point of the island, so has done everything in his power to shut it down. Both have meddled in the outside world to accomplish their goal. Jensen predicts that the two will pass on their battle to Locke and Ben respectively, and that the show will end with an epic fight between the two. Jensen thinks the show will end with Jacob passing on control of the island to either an actual or symbolic heir. [EW]

That all sounds reasonable. But what are others predicting? A sampling:

  • Infinite Continuum guesses that the explosion of the bomb does not keep Flight 815 from crashing. Instead, it will pop all of the castaways to the present. He has basically the same theory as Jensen for Jacob and the Man in Black/Smoke Monster, but adds that while Jacob is firmly in control of the island, the Man in Black has been trying to escape his service for eons. Both of them can assume the form of the dead—a power they’ve used to manipulate characters’ free will, the Man in Black even orchestrating Locke’s death to assume his form and convince Ben to kill Jacob. His final guess: that Jacob and his rival are actually from the future and have cultivated the island and chosen this group to repopulate the planet. []
  • Jon Lachonis, who wrote the book “Lost” Ate My Life, predicts, “I would not be surprised to see aliens. The creators have sort of debunked the idea of the island being an alien ant farm, or anything like that. It would not surprise me, though, for some outer space connection to come into play. I’ve often thought the source of the island’s magic is left over ‘creation’ energy.” [Washington Post]
  • The predictors over at Xomba also think the bomb won’t undo the crash of Flight 815 as well as that Miles will figure out how to get back to the present. The Man in Black/Smoke Monster will figure out how to get Charles Widmore back to the island, most likely by assuming the form of Locke. A war will ensue with people lining up between Ben, Charles, and Richard. Ben will kill Charles, but ultimately Richard will win, but then die. The rest of the group will decide to stay on the island forever. []
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