Hair Model Citizen: Beyonce’s Hair Bling

After posting yesterday’s sleek Grammy hair photos, I noticed something when I zoomed in on Beyonce’s hair—it had sparkly strands running through it! Now, after much tireless hair research, I’ve finally ascertained that 1) I’m not seeing things that don’t exist, and 2) Her hairstylist did, in fact, pump up her hair with loads of bling. According to Kimberly Kimble, the stylist who created the hair look, there were strands of Bella Via Hair Glitz woven into her ‘do. (Apparently, they were coordinating with her Minx mani.) Now, for those of you thinking what I’m thinking—that you want to try it out for yourself — Bella Via Hair Glitz ain’t exactly try-it-out cheap … but there is a product that you can try: Bling String! (Yes, the as-seen-on-TV stuff.) All you have to keep in mind is to never attach the strands to the top-outside of your hair; the key to this bling is to layer hair over the sparkly strands, so only little hints of glitter peek out. (Basically, don’t follow the lead of the Bling String models featured on their website!) [BellaSugar]