5 Reasons To Fear Teenage Girls

Yesterday, 15-year-old Tylar Witt pleaded not guilty to murdering her mother, Joanne Witt, last June in Northern California. The teenage girl says she was insane when she drugged her mother and boyfriend, 20-year-old Steven Colver, and stabbed her mom 20 times before slitting her throat. Apparently, Joanne had brought Tylar’s diary to the sheriff’s department, using it as evidence to accuse Colver of statutory rape. [People]

It’s not often that a 15-year-old girl is on trial for murder. And I say there is something especially scary about that—maybe because I’ve been a teenage girl and remember how scary girl fights were and how brutal mean girls could be. After the jump, a few other murderous teenage girls.

  • In 2004, Detroit teens Larketa Collier, 16, and Sharon Patterson, 17, were charged with beating with a hammer and then torching Bertha Atkins, Collier’s grandmother who disapproved of their homosexual relationship. The girls blamed each other in the court room and were charged as adults. They were found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. [Click On Detroit]
  • In 1979, 16-year-old Brenda Anne Spencer took her rifle and shot kids and adults at the school across the street from her San Diego home. Two men, including the principal, were killed and eight students were injured. When asked why she did it, Brenda Anne said, “I just did it for the fun of it. I don’t like Mondays. This livens up the day.” She was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison and has been refused parole four times. Her answer was turned into a Boomtown Rats song called “I Don’t Like Mondays,” because glorifying murder is totally acceptable. [Times Online]
  • In 1968, 11-year-old Mary Bell and her friend, 13-year-old Norma Bell, were put on trial for strangling and killing a 4-year-old boy and then a 3-year-old boy in England. Norma was acquitted for the crimes while Mary was diagnosed with psychopathology and “detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.” She served 12 years in prison and was granted anonymity in 1980 when she was released with a daughter who was born in 1984. For some reason, this whole baby-in-prison thing wasn’t addressed in news reports. [Kari Sable]
  • In 1954, Pauline Parker, 16, and Juliet Hulme, 15, were both found guilty of killing Pauline’s mother, Honora Mary Parker. The New Zealand teenagers used a brick inside a stocking as the murder weapon. They were sentenced to be “detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure” and were both released about five years later. Their story was made into the Peter Jackson movie “Heavenly Creatures,” starring Kate Winslet as Juliet and Melanie Lynskey (crazy girl from “Two and a Half Men”) as Pauline. [Christ Church City Libraries]