The Latest Illegal Beauty Trend In Hollywood

The things people are willing to go through to preserve their youth. The latest fad hitting Hollywood and wealthy beauty addicts is a drug administered by injection that’s neither advocated for anti-aging, nor available legally for those who wish to use it as such. Somatropin, known by the brand name of Genotropin, is a man-made version of Human Growth Hormone, which your body produces naturally when you’re young but tapers as you age. While the prescription drug is meant for those deficient in this hormone, apparent side effects include glowing and firmer skin, decrease in body fat, and a youthful appearance, which have caused women to look at it as a beauty treatment.
Aside from the fact that the way most procure the drug is illegal, Somatropin also has some pretty extreme warnings for those who don’t need it. Explains the Daily Mail, “Critics say that in their quest for beauty, users are playing with a ticking timebomb, suggesting that the legacy of the drug could be joint and muscle pain, diabetes and even cancer.”

One known fan of the treatment? Courtney Love. Which isn’t too surprising. But we’d be interested to know which other celebs are getting pricked with this scary stuff. [Daily Mail]