To Gap-Tooth Or Not To Gap-Tooth?

We’ve written about gap-toothed women here before. These days, it seems like they’re everywhere. From Lauren Hutton and Madonna to Anna Paquin and Lara Stone, more and more women are rocking the gap-toothed look. Now, it’s apparently a bonafide trend. It used to be that dentists received regular requests from gap-toothed patients to fill in the space between their two front teeth. Today, dentists report that ladies are letting their gaps stay. Tired of that whole “Chicklet teeth”-look that veneers can result in, patients are opting for a more natural look. “The first thing many of my patients tell me now is ‘I don’t want to look forced,'” reports Dr. Irwin Smigel. Some patients who got their gaps removed are actually returning to the dental chair to get the space reinstated. “Some very famous people have asked me for a gap between their teeth,” Smigel reveals. “They were born with gaps between their teeth, and they don’t want to change their look completely.” Good thing to know my gap is “in” again. [StyleList]