“The Biggest Loser” Has A Better Track Record Than “The Bachelor”

In case you haven’t heard, there are wedding bells ringing over at “The Bachelor” camp. Since actual nuptial news from the show only rolls around once every … OK, only once ever, listen up: Jason and Molly are gonna tie the knot on March 8. And in true “Bachelor” fashion, they’re sharing their intimate ceremony with the whole nation. In 13 seasons of “The Bachelor” and five of “The Bachelorette,” they are only the second couple to make it down the aisle. And, uh, these two could only be described as dysfunctional—remember when Jason ditched his first-choice fiancée for Molly?—so who knows if they’ll actually say “I do.” That’s not such a hot track record for a show dedicated to finding the one.

I’ve never gotten into “The Bachelor.” But interestingly, there exists another reality show that I do watch regularly which has nothing to do with dating yet has a much better couple success ratio. This wondrous show is known as “The Biggest Loser.”In eight seasons focused on losing weight, getting fit and inspiring America, “The Biggest Loser” has also managed to set up two couples, Matt and Suzy from Season 2 and Antoine and Alexandra from Season 8. That’s as many long-term couples as “The Bachelor” can claim—in 10 fewer seasons.

To me, this totally makes sense. On “The Bachelor” the only purpose of the show is to date. It’s far too much pressure on one thing. Not to mention that there’s hardly time to truly connect with someone and share life experiences when you’re trying to out-cleavage the gorgeous chick next to you. And please, do not try to say that a helicopter ride over the Hollywood Hills is a bonding experience. On the other hand, over at “The Biggest Loser” ranch, the participants are going through full life transformations all while surrounded by the other contestants on the exact same journey. Together they grow into a totally new skin and sometimes fall for each other. Even though the main focus is getting healthy, like we’ve all heard before, sometimes people find love in the most unexpected places. On this show, it happens when exposing every bit of flab standing on a scale week after week.

Even better, the most recent couple on “The Biggest Loser” only needed one week to know that something special was up between them. Alexandra White was the first contestant kicked off and subsequently two weeks later when Antoine Dove was eliminated, he wasn’t all that sad—because it meant that he could go home and reconnect with Alexandra. The two spent the rest of the season working to lose the weight together … and dating. At the season finale, Antoine proposed (check out the video above), proving that 20 weeks of roses and dating multiple ladies is quite unnecessary.

So, while Jason and Molly are getting all googly-eyed over each other, I just find it interesting that “The Biggest Loser” has gotten together the same number of couples in fewer seasons, when they weren’t even trying. But to be fair, “The Bachelor” can be a little proud that they still have a minute lead over “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” Patti Stanger, who has yet to speak of any weddings besides her own. But we’ll give her a break since she’s only in season three.