Jon Hamm Does Sexy Sax Man Sergio & Senator Scott Brown On SNL

Jon Hamm hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend — for no real reason other than his undeniable hotness, seeing as he doesn’t have a movie to promote and “Mad Men” is on hiatus — and the results were delightfully … weird. In the digital short, above, Hamm plays a sexy saxophonist named Sergio who emerges during the most inopportune moments after a curse is placed on Andy Samberg’s character. For the record, Jon Hamm Covered In Birth Goop is still as sexy as Jon Hamm NOT Covered In Birth Goop.

Hamm also played newly elected Senator Scott Brown in another sketch, which has afforded me the opportunity to reveal the answer to a blind item I posted a while ago. During his many costume changes for the sketch, viewers were given a glimpse of, um, Hamm’s rather sizable bulge — yes, Don Draper is the “award-deprived actor” with an “impressive inseam.”