Her 10 Best Looks: Kristen Bell

kristen bell 10 best 020110 splash m jpg
News of Kristen Bell‘s engagement to Dax Shepard was all over the web today, including this morning’s Star Couplings, and we started thinking about how much the young starlet has matured since playing a teenage detective on “Veronica Mars.” While Kristen has dabbled in the action TV world with “Hereos,” she seems to have both feet firmly planted on Planet Rom-Com. She might be a bit of a flip-flopper in her career (as any actress worth her salt would be), but Kristen definitely follows a pattern when it comes to her clothes.

She knows what makes her look taller — mini dresses and platform shoes. But Kristen is not a one-hit wonder. In fact, she’s far from it, because even though we’ve seen her in a short dress and heels before, every look is memorable. Keep clicking to see her 10 best looks.

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