Fashion And Beauty Products That Could Kill You!

Last time you painted your bedroom, it probably wasn’t with lead paint. That crap causes nervous system damage, slow development in kids and stunted growth. So yeah, nasty stuff. But while U.S. laws have kept lead out of houses for years, it hasn’t kept it out of H&M handbags lately. Last week, the mega retailer settled a lawsuit brought down by a consumer watchdog group over the lead content of some of their bags, wallets and other accessories. When we read that some of the items contained as much as 115 times the legal limit of lead, we did two things: 1) freaked out and took mental inventory of any and all H&M accessories we own, making note to burn them later and 2) started thinking about other recent fashion and beauty products that have had creepy and unexpected downsides. (OK, maybe they won’t kill you per se, but they’re dangerous!) Take a trip through the world of three totally-not-worth-it beautifiers after the jump.

  • If you let Brooke Shields’ Latisse commercials convince you that Latisse will turn your scrawny, pathetic lashes into the full and glorious fringes of a former supermodel (who’s currently hawking infomercial beauty products, but whatever), be prepared for “eyelash growth in areas besides the lash area,” blue eyes that turn brown, or maybe a little cornea inflammation! But hey, no more worrying about thin lashes, ladies.
  • American Apparel recently recalled their new range of nail polish over concerns that the glass bottles were shattering way too easily. This one actually came as a bit of a surprise to us; we would have expected good ‘ol AA to instead issue a suggestion that girls painting their nails with their polish stream the whole thing live. After all, in the furor over the broken bottle, blood and spreading polish, the girls in question would probably forget the film was rolling, remove their clothes on camera to prevent staining and unwittingly provide American Apparel with months’ worth of ads.
  • Remember the acne medication Accutane? It made all sorts of awesome promises about getting rid of the most impossible acne; you just had to be OK with possibly going bats**t crazy and maybe wanting to kill yourself even after you stopped taking the drug.

Know of any other stylish beautifiers that are actually more terrifying than helpful? Please, share away.

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