Amazing New Site: Man Babies

Time with dad is such an important part of a young man’s life. The luckiest boys are the ones with great fathers ready and willing to help them navigate through the rugged trenches of manhood. This new amazing site, Man Babies, depicts some heartwarming scenes of father-son bonding like you’ve never seen it before. Like this proud father taking his son to the beach for the first time. A moment I’m sure he will never forget. Awwwww! How sweet. After the jump, a few of the most moving man-baby pairs.

Video games are an important form of male camaraderie. This loving father teaches his little guy all about the meaning of Wii.

A good father shows his son the world. This pair cuddles up during a little father-son sightseeing trip.

This daddy likes to bond with his boy during bath time. Who says it’s wrong for daddy and baby to bathe together every now and then?