7 Romantic Hot Spots To Avoid On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be one of the most depressing days of the year for singles, especially if you just went through a breakup. It can be torture to watch couples exchange stuffed bears, chocolates and kisses, so keep your heart on the mend by avoiding these seven spots couples flock to on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Movie Theaters: Please don’t make yourself sit through the latest rom-com. If you must see a flick, go to something unsentimental, like an action film that involves fighting and guns. Though even those often have romantic secondary storylines.
  2. Fancy Restaurants: A nice dinner is a very typical V-Day date, especially since restaurants capitalize on the day with specials involving free bubbly and a red rose on the table.
  3. Landmarks: For some reason, history seems to be tied to romance, and some duos make trips to sites like the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon, as if to say, “We’ll be together for as long as this thing’s been around.”
  4. Beaches: If you want to soak up some sunshine during the day, go right ahead. But you better have somewhere else to be by sunset, when pairs will start showing up at the shore.
  5. Cafés, Dessert Bars, And Chocolate Shops:Valentine’s Day is often associated with sweet things, so stock up on chocolate the week before — you don’t want to stop anywhere that specializes in chocolate fondue.
  6. Lingerie Stores: Do you really want to buy new bras when the store is decked out in hearts and lace? Wait a week.
  7. Coupled Friends’ Homes: Unless you’re house-sitting while your pals are on a romantic getaway, you’re not welcome. You will have no right to yell, “Get a room!” when they start necking because, well, you’re in their room.