7 Products To Keep Your Boobies Looking G-Rated

rihanna nippies jpg
Don’t let Victoria’s Secret and all their padded bras fool you: Lots of ladies are forgoing their boulder-holders altogether. Selfridge’s, the London department store, reports the sale of nude nipple concealers like Nippies have shot up 20 percent. (Rihanna, ever the trendsetter, has been a fan of Nippies since last summer.) Plenty of companies are doing brisk business in boobie covers, actually, since most ladies who spent an hour primping want all eyes on her outfit, not her perky friends. We’ve rounded up the best products to keep your headlights turned off and your outfits less, um, titillating. You’ll never be asked, “Oh, is it chilly in here?” again! [Daily Mail UK]
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