18 Things Women Do That Men Can’t Get Away With

Single women are always being given advice (whether they want it or not) on the things they’re doing wrong, from the way we dress to how we act on dates. But strangely enough, a lot of things on the to-do list for women can potentially ruin a guys game. Here are 18 things that women do without batting an eye, but when men attempt them, eyebrows are raised. Sorry dudes, guess this would be your grooming glass ceiling.

  1. Cram his butt into super tight jeans that are obvi a size too small for him
  2. Carry a purse, even if he calls it a murse
  3. Tweeze his eyebrows into a thin line
  4. Dye his hair
  5. Be BFF with his mother
  6. Go commando (junk just stewing in pants, yuck!)
  7. Pile on loads of jewelry
  8. Strut around in short shorts
  9. Wear a wig/toupee
  10. Extreme body hair removal
  11. Sport a skirt
  12. Get a mani-pedi
  13. Drive a small non-sporty and/or pink car
  14. Wear loud prints, especially the floral variety
  15. Go to the bathroom with your friends
  16. Wear shoes with heels
  17. Show cleavage
  18. Don’t offer to pay for the whole date