Designer Obsession: GAR-DE

As is our way, we’ve become, ahem, a little preoccupied with yet another new designer. GAR-DE, a New York-based fashion collective, makes the coolest clothes we’ve seen in a while. From hood tops to fitted jackets with adorable striped lining and leather detailing, there’s almost no piece in the collection that we aren’t into. While the prices aren’t exactly low, the quality is good enough to make spending $550 for one of GAR-DE’s leather jackets, $350 for a non-leather one, or about $100 for a truly interesting top quite reasonable. Check out some of our favorites after the jump.

We’re obsessed with GAR-DE’s tissue-thin grim reaper hoods. Wear this top with a black pencil skirt for drama or simple jeans if you want to be a little more laid-back with it. [$103]

Details like that wide-button placket on the front of this anorak are what make the line look more expensive than it is. [$325]

I may or may not have bought this in black with the intention of never, ever removing it from my body. [$332]