Ask The Astrosexologist: I Suspect My Libra Husband Is Cheating

I believe my husband is a cheater. He seems so happy in our relationship, yet he is always making new female friends. I have no problem with him having female friends, however he hides the friendships from me and I have found messages from him to other women in which he’s asking them to “hook up.” When I try to discuss these things with him, he does not want to talk about it. When I have no proof, he insists that these girls are only friends. I’m not buying it. I do not understand why he wants to be with me so badly (according to him) if he is interested in other women. I am so confused about my marriage and what I should do. One thing that causes my confusion is the fact that my husband does not talk to me about these things, does not change his actions (such as hiding his cell phone or deleting text conversations between him and his female “friends”), and he acts like he would die without me. By the way, I am a Virgo (9/18/89) and he is a Libra (9/23/87). Please help! – Lost

Who cares why he wants to stay, why do you want to be in a relationship with a man you don’t trust? Is this the kind of relationship you find acceptable, the kind that brings out the best in you? Obviously not, so time to reconsider everything you need to do and what makes you happy and then adjust your life in that direction. If it begins with showing the messages that you found in which he asks to hook up with another girl, then that is a start. You are entitled to know what the real deal is with all these women and expressing your feelings about it. Otherwise, he’ll go on the way he is, having you as his #1, while keeping everyone else extra for his amusement when he can.

As for him not getting rid of the evidence, it doesn’t sound like he thinks he has to, as he tries to appear in your relationship, so he doesn’t feel he has to act guilty. But it’s clear he is in need of “more” than just your relationship if he is reaching out to all these women in a way that is more than friendship. If you find that this is something you can’t live with, a man that is making you feel he needs more than you, then do what you must to make it right for you again. With the trust broken, it would be only an uphill climb for you to get it the way you’d want, if even that is possible.

As it goes, your hubby is an uber-Libra, as in sun, moon, mercury and Venus, so he loves partnership and in his case, wants it in abundance. Of course, this is the very thing that will make your Venus in Scorpio breakdown — but why should you? Thankfully, this is your lucky year for gaining better balance in your life, with Jupiter in Pisces, which will help you revamp and clean out the closets to get your life back into control — but you have to take leaps of faith to work this power to your advantage, so start today by enforcing the standard of respect you want and if that means moving on, well then so be it!

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