6 Celebrities Who Ditched The Epidural And Chose Natural Childbirth

labor gisele bunchen jpg
Last night, I visited my friend who had just given birth to an adorable little baby boy. When I asked about her labor, it was a touchy subject. Even though she had done a lot of research and created a birth plan for a natural birth, she felt that she was manipulated into having a C-section when the doctor told her after 30 hours of labor, “The baby’s heart rate is dropping.” As it turns out, the baby was not in distress at all—the doctors and nurses just wanted to get out of there because it was New Year’s Eve. Needless to say, she was traumatized. I happen to know a little bit about this subject, not because I’m planning to pop one out anytime soon, but because I saw Ricki Lake’s documentary, “The Business of Being Born,” which lays out the pros of home birth and the cons of hospital delivery. She believes in the benefits of homebirth so strongly that she even included footage of her delivering her son Owen at home in her tub. Even though the American Medical Association has criticized the film, Ricki may have started a revolution in Hollywood. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen recently talked about her natural birth. “I gave birth in the bathtub,” she said of baby Benjamin, born on December 8. [Celebrity Babies, NY Daily News]

After the jump, some more celebs who have jumped on the natural birth bandwagon.

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