Why You Won’t See This Commercial During The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is nine days away, and we’ve already told you about the anti-abortion Focus on the Family ad you can expect to see if you tune in, rather than heading to Animal Planet for the Puppy Bowl. But what about the ads you won’t see? A gay dating site called ManCrunch.com wanted to air the commercial above during the football megacast, but was told by CBS that space is full. “It’s clearly a form of discrimination that we’re getting the runaround, that we’re not being told the truth,” he said. “Quite frankly, there is a lot of ad space available.” CBS also allegedly flat-out nixed an ad from a site called GoDaddy.com. In the network’s defense, CBS says that they rejected that ad because in their eyes, it was actually homophobic. They say they still need to review the ManCrunch commercial above before making a decision.

I, personally, am not sure about this one. I of course think that CBS should give pro-gay groups and businesses ad space on Super Bowl Sunday, especially given that they’re giving airtime to anti-choice messages. I just wish ManCrunch had gone with an ad that is not … well … a totally unsexy, obviously faked grope session. Thoughts? [NY Post]