True Confessions: I Married A Nerd

I love my husband. He’s a fantastic gent who makes swoon-worthy stuffed french toast, fixes my bicycle when it breaks down, and plus he loves me and stuff. But, when there’s a new tech update, I shudder. It’s a reflex. If only Steve Jobs could see what he did to me last night at the bar …I called an emergency beer session after a bizarre day of being accused of oppressing indigenous people and catching counterfeit money. Not anything terrible exactly (I mean, I don’t oppress the native populations of anywhere), but just odd. The kind of day that leaves you craving the sweet, frothy goodness of a pint. My friend Alan and I made it to the table first, and I told him my collection of the day’s sordid tales, and he groaned and laughed with me. We drank our frothy beverages. It was good.

Then, my husband arrived with some other friends. Suddenly, there was no turning back conversationally. The iPad dominated. Is it a glorified iPhone? A new name for a feminine hygiene product? When, exactly, will you be able to use it to play World of Warcraft? This husband of mine, he doesn’t even like Mac products. He’s a PC dude. But, that doesn’t stop him from arguing about whether or not the new gadget is more or less cool than penicillin. He does, however, like him some WoW. So it was no surprise that the arguing over the iPad subsided into an ongoing debate about warlocks and druids?

There was no escape. I went back under the bed. And I took the beer with me.