Trailer Park: “Edge of Darkness,” “When In Rome,” “Saint John Of Las Vegas”

TGIF! It’s what you’ve been toiling all week for—the weekend! And you can do whatever you want. Drive to Mexico, learn French, floss for once—the world is your oyster. And of course, there is always the movies. If you had a rough week and need to get out some aggression, you might want to watch Mel Gibson beat up some shady folks in “Edge of Darkness.” If you’re totally sick of all the dead-beat dudes in your life, pretend that you believe in magic and catch Kristen Bell in “When in Rome.” And if you’re just in a mood to run away to Vegas, catch Steve Buscemi in “Saint John of Las Vegas.”

The Movie: “Edge of Darkness”
The Trailer: Thomas Craven (Mel Gibson) is a retired Boston homicide detective. When his daughter Emma (Bokana Novakovic) returns home sick, she’s shot on the front porch. While at first it’s thought that Craven was the target, soon strange characters appear and it appears that his daughter was up to shady secret-agent-esque business. Since nobody wants to talk without some motivation, Craven attempts to beat it out of them.
The Hitch: Nothing like a good-father-avenging-his-daughter’s-murder movie. It’s more intense than avenging a lover because a child is the product of that love. It’s all about honor, valor, and kicking bad-guy butt. Plus, some good detective work should help to keep things interesting when the violence gets old.

The Movie: “When in Rome”
The Trailer: Straight-laced museum curator Beth (Kristen Bell) is in Rome for her sister’s wedding, and she gets the brilliant idea to steal coins from a magic love fountain. Little does she know, that with every coin she takes, the man who threw the coin will fall in love with her. And so she has to figure out whether the hot writer (Josh Duhamel) actually loves her or whether, like the slew of new suitors, he’s just enchanted by the fountain.
The Hitch: I adore Kristen Bell and I guess it was inevitable that she’d eventually get roped into the cheesy romantic-comedy circuit, but I’m still not happy about it. There is a slew of hilarious dude actors like Dax Shepard, Jon Heder and Will Arnett, but the trailer isn’t selling it very well. I guess watching Kristen Bell battle off suitors could be entertaining. But I’d rather watch two hours of “Veronica Mars.”

The Movie: “Saint John of Las Vegas”
The Trailer: John Alighieri (Steve Buscemi) is a gambler, self-exiled to an insurance office job in Albuquerque. He’s got a thing for his smiley-face, obsessed co-worker (Sarah Silverman) and good reason to never return to Sin City. His vertically challenged boss (Peter Dinklage, who I randomly have a massive crush on), sends John back to Vegas to debunk a fraud with their expert, Virgil (Romany Malco from “Weeds”). Crazy Vegas road trip hijinks ensue.
The Hitch: You’d think a movie produced by Spike Lee and Stanley Tucci, starring the ever marvelous Steve Buscemi is fail-proof … especially with the addition of a wheelchair-bound stripper, some nudists, and a nutso Sarah Silverman. But, alas, the reviews have been wretched, so venture at your own risk!