Quotable: Tavi Defends Her Scandalous Hat

“I had no intentions of blocking the views of people behind me but it didn’t block any views-I’m SHORT, so watching the show behind me would be like watching it through a regular-sized adult, but better, because adult heads do not have holes in them. Other than the stinky cheese man, from that one book, from like, second grade, or something. My dad was sitting next to the Grazia writer that tweeted this picture and said there shouldn’t have been any problems in seeing the clothes, but I’m pretty sure she or he was joking, anyway?”

13-year-old fashion blogger Tavi responds to complaints regarding her “showy” hat blocking fashion editors’ views at the recent Dior couture show. Also, the bow was a gift from the atelier’s milliner, Stephen Jones, making it maybe the best swag of fashion week ever. How could she not wear it? [Style Rookie]