Voters Prefer Male Politicians Tubby And Female Politicians Slim

Hey ladies, if you’re planning on running for office, a new study shows that you’d better hit the gym. But dudes, start packing in the burgers because apparently people prefer their male politicians on the fatter side. Once again we women get screwed. Voters are allegedly under the impression that chubby male politicians are more reliable, honest, dependable, and capable of dealing with stress. Meanwhile, they believe the opposite of female counterparts. Thanks for the additional pressure. Not that I was going to run for office, but it’s always a nice reminder that people prefer their womenfolk svelte. The study only involved 120 volunteers, over 60 percent of which were female. The volunteers were shown pictures of pretend politicians—as they are and then after being digitally morphed to look obese. Then they were asked to grade the candidates. Apparently, the opinion of the man improved 10 percent with the morphed picture and decreased for his female counterpart. The study concluded that it corresponds with “societal expectations for women to be thin and men to be large.”

Thanks, Geniuses. I’ve been in a bad mood all week, so forgive me if I rant for a minute. I just don’t understand what the point of doing studies (especially with so few participants) when the conclusions they arrive at are clichés. I know they’re scientists, but shouldn’t there be more deductive reasoning involved? Saying society pressures women to be thin is not a conclusion—it’s an issue of Cosmo. How about about asking why people trust overweight males? Maybe it’s because a lot of the attractive, fit male politicians have had infidelities? Maybe they perceive tubby men to be more jolly and good-natured because they remind them of their fathers or Santa Claus? Couldn’t they have asked the volunteers why they felt that way? I happen to trust overweight women more because I know that I get irate when I’m only allowed to eat salads. And I guess I don’t trust guys who work out all the time because I’ve seen “Jersey Shore.”

From now on, I’m voting for curvy ladies and skinny men, just to throw the curve.




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