Dude Posing As Model Scammed Rich Men On Millionaire “Dating” Web Site

It’s every dude’s worst nightmare: that a drop-dead gorgeous Guess jeans modelyou’re talking to online turns out to be … a dude. Such is the sad tale of Marc Puelo from Austin, Texas, who joined SeekingMillionaire.com looking for love. But 24-year-old Justin Brown was on the millionaire online “dating” web site, too, posing as sexy-as-all-hell model Bree Condon, fixin’ to swindle a wannabe sugar daddy. The trouble began in 2008 when Puleo went on SeekingMillionaire.com and began emailing “Bree Condon,” who is an actual, real-life 23-year-old model. “Bree” — who was really 24-year-old Justin Brown — thrilled Puleo by sending sexy photos and even talked to him on the phone. “[Brown] was convincing because has such a feminine voice. He was also very smart,” said Det. Carl Satterlee of Austin.

Of course, “Bree” was not only a Guess model looking for a millionaire to hold her close at night; she claimed to be in dire financial straits and like any big-hearted millionaire, Puleo sent “Bree” a whopping $10,000.

It’s unclear just when or why Puleo realized he had not actually mailed a six-figure check to a hard-up, 23-year-old model. But even though it’s easy to roll your eyes at men who fall for a scam like this, Puleo actually deserves some applause. It’s not easy to come forward and admit you’ve been scammed by a dude pretending to be a chick! Brown had been making the rounds as “Bree” on SeekingMillionaire.com for awhile — including hitting up one anonymous guy for $500 because “she” said she wanted to buy a Halloween costume — for awhile. Unfortunately, investigators say, lots of guys don’t come forward after getting scammed because they’re too embarrassed. [ABC News]