And The Prize Goes To … The Best Secret For Good Sex

Last Friday, we asked you what top-secret tip makes your bedroom romps so amazing in exchange for the season one and two DVDs of Showtime’s “Secret Diary of A Call Girl” and the book the series was based on. You had some sage advice (don’t worry, we’ll share the exhaustive reader wisdom next week), but Alex’s answer made so much sense to us that we think we might have to give up pajamas for good:

“Naked sleep. It’s so simple, but it works for us! The first time my boyfriend and I slept together, we both forgot pajamas, so we slept naked — and it stuck. Now, we sleep naked every night we sleep next to each other, even if we don’t have sex. It makes us more aware of each other’s bodies. Plus, in the middle of the night when we’re feel frisky, there’s no need to take off any shorts or nighties and we just ease right into it. Naked sleep is the way to go!”

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