Guys: If A Hot Stranger Messages You On Facebook, It Might Be Your Girlfriend

OK, guys, here’s your teachable Facebook moment for the day: how not to handle friend requests from unknown women. After the jump, read this unfortunately hilarious Facebook thread. And then get ready to answer a few questions because it’s pop quiz time! We want to see how much you learned. [BuzzFeed]

  1. If a really good-looking girl, who also happens to be a stranger, friend requests you on Facebook, she is probably: a) a sex worker cruising for new clients; b) your girlfriend/ex-girlfriend in disguise; c) someone trying to hustle you out of money; d) all of the above.
  2. If you accidentally accept a friend request from a stranger, you should: a) poke them; b) ask them to facebook chat; c) proposition them for sex; d) unfriend them immediately because you should never have accepted their friend request in the first place. Duh
  3. If your girlfriend stinks you should: a) buy her perfume and deodorant even though she has skin allergies; b) find a nice way to let her know that her lack of hygiene is bothering you; c) ignore the problem and hope it will go away; d) talk about it with a stranger on Facebook.
  4. If you want to end your relationship you should: a) break it off in as kind and mature a manner as possible; b) stay in the relationship until you meet someone else and then break it off; c) proposition your girlfriend for sex, thinking it’s another woman; d) change your identity and move so your girlfriend can’t find you.
  5. If your girlfriend happens to be the stranger you were trying to have an affair with on Facebook, you should: a) apologize to your girlfriend even though she hates you; b) learn a very difficult lesson; c) share your story publicly so other douche bags don’t make the same mistake; d) all of the above.

Share your answers in the comments. I really hope everyone gets 100 percent on this quiz.