4 Ways The iPad Could Change Fashion

Admit it. Half the fun of getting your iPhone was shopping for cases and fingerless gloves afterward. So the Los Angeles Times makes a good point: What style accompaniments will the iPad produce? Two words: Big. Pockets. (Insert “Is that an iPad in your pants or are you just happy to see me?” jokes here.)

Scottvest, the maker of super-functional outerwear, is already on it, announcing “the first and only clothing line for the iPad.” The travel vest includes an enormous inner pocket, roomy enough to store the Apple gizmo. So, we had to wonder … what are some other ways techies will start toting? After the jump, three more scary possibilities.

  • More murses. For the guy who doesn’t like bulk in his pockets, he’s going to have to find an alternative way to stow the device. We’re hoping they’ll opt for messenger bags. [Atlanta Luggage]
  • The return of cargo pants. Following the ginormous pocket idea, the vision of cargo pants immediately flashed in our minds (followed by a cringe). What’s worse, we realized, is that those side pouches would have to get even larger to accommodate an iPad. These Kris Van Assche trousers would seem to do the trick. [Forward Forward]
  • Pouch-happy fashions. A slightly less awkward way to get use out of a big pocket would be sweaters or outerwear with pouches. Although that might give you some unflattering iPadding around your waist. [Far Fetch]