8 Signs You Should Unfriend Someone On Facebook

As a moderate Facebook user, I love this “10 Signs You Should Unfriend Someone on Facebook,” written by someone at Cosmo of all places. (They do funny lists now? I thought it was all “how to give your boyfriend the night of his life” advice.) The whole list is so perfect and clever it’s hard to pick a favorite sign, but I especially related to “‘So-and-So added you as a friend on Facebook’ is the most you’ve heard from him in 10 years. Now that you’ve accepted the request you still haven’t connected.” If that’s an indicator that I need to unfriend someone, looks like I’ll be saying “adios” to about a quarter of my friend list. Another good one is: “EVERY WORD HE WRITES IS IN CAPS AND USUALLY FOLLOWED BY TONS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!” Word to the wise: writing in caps lock doesn’t make your thoughts any more interesting or entertaining. After the jump, I have a few more signs you should unfriend someone on Facebook.1. Every day she posts a reminder that Jesus is her savior and anyone who doesn’t believe is going to hell. You’re Jewish.

2. New day, new fundraiser she wants you to sponsor.

3. His profile picture is a head shot of Rush Limbaugh.

4. She posts videos of her kid’s successful potty-training session.

5. (The kid’s 13.)

6. Every time you post a new picture of yourself, she posts a new picture of herself wearing the same outfit.

7. He invites you to become a “fan” of his.

8. You haven’t seen him in person since he left you at the altar.