Move Over Big Brother, Hulu’s Putting A 24/7 Reality Show Online

Starting next year, Hulu will be launching a new show called “If I Can Dream,” from the producers that brought you “American Idol.” “If I Can Dream” will be the first 24/7 television show—just like the “Truman Show” and “EdTV” predicted. The show is supposed to be about five wannabe musicians and actors but, from the preview, it looks like a bunch of buff guys and super skinny girls sitting around looking hot in a really nice house with perfect lighting. Seriously, who sits around in those poses!?!The show will be edited down into 30-minute highlight clips, but if you want to be a total creeper you can watch the contestants all the time. They’ll be living in a house in Hollywood that is chock-full of HD cameras and microphones so their every move will be streamed onto computers for your viewing pleasure. Yes! Now I can watch a bunch of uber attractive people in a huge house brush their teeth, sit by the pool and … sleep. Dim the lights, bust out your loose bathrobe and, er, have fun? [Wall Street Journal]