How To Dress For An Unexpectedly Icky Day

When I left the house this morning, it was snowing. Hard. This, after Monday’s New York downpour, had us a tad pissed off, wet and cursing the decision to wear suede shoes. No more of this BS! No more ruined pumps! We’re going to make the junky weather our bitch with entirely appropriate (but still attractive) rain/snow/horrible weather gear. How to do it, after the jump.

  • Get yourself a hat, and make sure it has a brim to thwart wayward rain drops and/or snow flakes. That crap is getting nowhere near your perfectly lined eyes. [$42.30, Ignite, Asos]
  • If you’re going to wear wellies, buy ones that at least bear a vague resemblance to real boots. We like plain black ones because, if worse comes to worst, we can wear them to places where patterned ones would look ridiculous. [$69.50, Land’s End]
  • Every adult needs a lined trench heavy enough to wear when it’s both cold and wet out. It doesn’t have to be this one, of course, but we do like the quilting. [$695, Burberry]
  • Add a pop of color with a pretty little umbrella. [$23, Frankford, Amazon]