Celebs Weigh In On Obama’s State Of The Union

Last night, while I was watching President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, I went on Twitter so I could publish my opinion about it. Now, I love politics and not many things can tear me away from the news when something important is happening. But John Mayer managed to do just that with two amusingly stupid Tweets. “Watching the State of the Union Address. Wishing so very badly that Biden had a ponytail,” he wrote. Later, he followed up with, “More people would watch the State of the Union Address if President Obama introduced a new gadget at the end. Just saying.” Thankfully, Mayer wasn’t the only one tweeting about the speech. More after the jump. Sarah Palin, of course, had to say something. She wrote:

“Hoping the president changes his tune to ‘I’m ready to listen now, America.'”

I thought her sentiment was funny because she was referring to a speech. Usually, during those, everyone shuts up while one person talks. Since it was Obama giving the speech it would follow that he wouldn’t be listening but, rather, talking. These are all very complicated concepts for Sarah, though.

Ashton Kutcher had some semi-intelligent commentary. He tweeted:

“I appreciated the perspective on global warming. Lets stop arguing w/ science. Clean living boosts industry. lead or follow. I prefer 2 lead.”

Right, now if he would actually lead that would be great.

Of course, the vast majority of celebs just ignored the whole thing and, instead, tweeted about their latest photo shoots, trips to the gym or upcoming movies.

What did you think of the speech?