Alicia Silverstone’s Diet Will Give You Glowing Skin, Magical Bowels

Alicia Silverstone, potentially Hollywood’s most devout vegan, has a new book out about her nutritional vision called The Kind Diet. Fortunately, you don’t have to become a full-on kale-munching vegan to adopt Silverstone’s doctrine. The plant-based regime accommodates dieters of three levels, where at the lowest, you “flirt” with the idea of veganism by making a few key changes in your diet, and at the highest, the “superheroes” go all macrobiotic. (Corny!)

While weight loss is a main focus, Silverstone claims that her diet also has some interesting added perks.Yesterday, she appeared on “Oprah,” and explained that eating vegan has the beauty benefit of completely clearing up your skin. Perhaps that’s something you’d expect to hear—it’s no news that eating greasy crap won’t cure your acne. But on the completely shocking end, she also went on to openly discuss her bowel movements, explaining that she’s now completely regular, and whereas she used to need to take reading materials into the bathroom, she’s now in and out, twice a day and sometimes with “a bonus round.” Whoa. Did Alicia Silverstone just talk about her poop on “Oprah”? That’s something you don’t hear everyday, because, you know, girls don’t crap, right? And if they do, it smells like roses.

Silverstone’s bathroom talk may have weirded us out, but also kind of intrigued us … and we have to say, Alicia looks practically the same now as she did in “Clueless,” in 1995, so girl must be doing something right. We might just give The Kind Diet a look-see. (But obviously we won’t take it into the bathroom with us as reading material.) [Barnes & Noble]