Women In Denial: Oprah Sits Down With Denise Richards & Mrs. Ted Haggard

Yesterday’s episode of “Oprah” could have been subtitled “Women In Denial.” The talk show queen first sat down with Denise Richards, who spilled, oh, half the beans about her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen. Sheen was arrested on Christmas for allegedly assaulting his current wife, Brooke Mueller. Richards said Sheen called her from jail so he could wish their two kids Merry Christmas (Aww! Not.), but claims she didn’t inquire as to why he was in the pokey. Maybe because she could easily guess? Richards accused Sheen of being abusive during their very bitter divorce battle and even claimed she feared for her life. Richards told Oprah that Sheen was verbally abusive but that he never hit her, though she does admit he had pushed her — which qualifies as physical abuse in my book. While Richards was revealing more details than we’d known previously about their relationship, she still seemed weirdly … defensive of him, despite acknowledging that he has an obvious and reoccurring problem, one that he has continually denied inflicting upon her or Mueller. Even Richards’ father, who was in the audience, seemed frustrated that his daughter continues to “go back” to Sheen. Check out a clip of the interview above. Then “Oprah” sat down with Gayle Haggard, the wife of disgraced Evangelical pastor Ted Haggard, on why she stayed with her husband after he cheated on her with a man. Mrs. Haggard has written a book on the subject, called Why I Stayed, in which she describes how repairing her marriage led to her being even more in love with him. Ted Haggard has undergone “spiritual restoration,” and says he has been cured of his “homosexual attachments.” Oy. I couldn’t find clips online of this portion of the show, but trust when I say it was RIDIC.