Shocker: Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgeon Is Bonkers

When you hear the word “hero,” what comes to mind? A firefighter? A police officer? A soldier? Well, if you ask Dr. Frank Ryan, the plastic surgeon who made Heidi Montag into a cartoon character by performing 10 procedures on her in one day, Heidi fits the definition. “I think Heidi is brave. She is a hero for talking about this, quite frankly,” he said. Holy delusional, Batman! Also, is it just me or did he give Heidi his face?
Dr. Ryan does semi have a point—at least Heidi is honest about getting plastic surgery. “I think the wrong message is when people lie about plastic surgery in Hollywood — which is rampant,” he said. “You have all these girls that don’t talk about it who are a size zero, with perky breasts and beautiful faces with no lines — it is because of guys like me. It is not magic.”

But I just can’t get behind him calling what Heidi did “a well thought-out career move.” He says, “I couldn’t have done that. Sitting down there with the wisdom of someone much older and thinking: ‘What is it I really need to do to propel my career?'” Wisdom? Geez, he makes it sound like she’s decided a Supreme Court case.

Dr. Ryan has refuted Heidi’s claim that she “almost died” during the procedures. (Was making that claim “wise”?) And he’s also vehemently denied that any of the procedures were done for free in exchange for publicity. But he has yet to give a satisfying answer for why, when an already beautiful woman who’s had procedures before came to him wanting more, he could not refer her to a therapist instead. Ryan says that Heidi had a “deep-seated” dislike of the fact that her ears stuck out and that her chin “protruded.” Sure, but he was performing surgery on someone who obviously has serious dysmorphia issues, which more plastic surgery will never, ever change. Hardly seems like a proper application of the Hippocratic Oath.