Life After “Jersey Shore,” Part One

It’s been six days since the finale of “Jersey Shore,” and you’re feeling a little bit of withdrawal, aren’t you? Never fear, there is still lots cooking for our favorite guidos and guidettes. The latest news after the jump, from one cast member’s nude pics to another’s gig at the Grammys.

  • Shocker! And that is sarcasm, people, because you knew it was coming. A photographer is shopping around three nakey photos of JWoww, in which she’s wearing boots, a top around her waist, and nothing else. Though we kinda doubt he’ll get big bucks for this. I mean, we’ve all pretty much seen JWoww naked, between the underwear she wears as pants and the shirts that leave 85 percent of her boobs flashing (not blowing, as they are immobile) in the breeze. [NY Daily News]
  • Snooki has a new job! She will be a commentator at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. Her agent said, “MTV brought it to us and all the logistics still need to be worked out, but it looks like she will be on the red carpet at the Grammys.” []
  • Pauly D wants to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. Check out his new video card below.