Lady Gaga’s Concert Costumes: Live, Raw Footage!

gaga1 jpg
When I walked up to my family’s tree this past December 25th and saw Lady Gaga tickets clipped to its branches, I thought there had been a Christmas miracle. It turned out the miracle was my mother waiting on Ticketmaster’s busy line for 20 minutes before giving up and calling a ticket broker. Either way, the countdown for January 23rd began, and the Gaga made every moment of scratching off days on my calendar worth it. Besides the fact that the girl was really funny (she cursed up a storm and asked the audience to flash her several times) and her voice was amazing, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her costumes. I knew the outfits would be fabulous, but she blew me away. Here’s a sartorial play-by-play of the show.

Let’s begin with this mirror-ball number. High-waisted white pants and a reflective bra would have been diva enough, but with the added shoulder accessory, she was in business.

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