Hilarious New Blog: Awkward Stock Photos

Random people + strange settings + no photo credits = stock photos. In case you need a good laugh today, you might want to consider the inane nature of stock photos in a fun new blog, Awkward Stock Photos. Sure, we often scroll through said stock photos, paying them no mind as we surf our favorite websites, but if you slow down and actually look … WTF? Why is a woman in a nurse’s uniform listening to a tree with a stethoscope? And who agreed to let their kid pose with a giant batch of french fries in his mouth while holding a gun to his head? And is this woman really depressed because cheeseburgers have ruined her life? After the jump, some more of the most awkward stock photos ever.

This was the photo for an article entitled “Why little people love baths.”

Fun tip! After you use your condoms, wash them, hang them out to dry, and use them again. [Awkward Stock Photos]