Finally! eHarmony Makes Online Dating “Welcoming” For Gays After Lawsuit

Good news! The online dating website eHarmony will finally become more inclusive to gays and lesbians. After duking it out over a class-action lawsuit in California for two and a half years, eHarmony has agreed to be more “welcoming” to homosexuals on its site. Last year, after an unrelated settlement with New Jersey’s Attorney General, the company created Compatible Partners, a gay and lesbian dating website. But California’s lawsuit will require the main eHarmony site to list a “gay and lesbian dating” category alongside — not totally separate from —the “Christian,” black,” Jewish,” “Hispanic” and “senior” categories. The gay category will automatically send visitors to Compatible Partners. eHarmony will also allow bisexual users to access both eHarmony and Compatible Partners by paying only one fee.

Unfortunately, exclusion cost eHarmony a pretty penny. The online dating site had to settle for half a million dollars, which translates to $4,000 per plaintiff. But hey, now all those gays and lesbians using eHarmony’s services have moolah to spend on dates! [L.A. Times]