What?! Chinese Woman Wants Plastic Surgery To Look Like Jessica Alba

Lordy, Lordy, I hope this news story is as fake as it sounds: a 21-year-old Chinese woman identified only as Xiaoqing allegedly told the Shanghai Daily newspaper she is so desperate to win back her ex-boyfriend that she’s getting plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba. “I want to do something to challenge myself and build a strong personality through it,” the woman allegedly said. Well, considering Jessica Alba does not look even remotely Asian, Xiaoqing’s got her (sad, sad) work cut out for her!

According to Fox News, the 28-year-old ex wanted Xiaoqing to wear her makeup like Alba (whatever that means) and even bought her a blond wig and fake eyelashes. Allegedly, the ex sacked Xiaoqing after she nixed the movie star getup.

But now she apparently says, “I love him very much … I don’t want to lose him.” Xiaoqing met with doctors at a plastic surgery clinic, who confirmed a meeting took place. But it’s unclear if the procedures will go forward, especially since Xiaoqing referred to herself as “a psychologically weak person.”

Personally, I think this whole story sounds totally bogus. Jessica Alba is not even a blonde! So please cross your fingers that it’s either a pile of hooey, or some very sophisticated guerrilla street theater performance to mock Heidi Montag for morphing into a human Barbie. [Fox News]