“America’s Next Top Model” Winner Lands Real Fashion Campaign

Fashion insiders (and savvy reality TV watchers) know that for all the delish ridiculosity that is “America’s Next Top Model,” most of these girls are never gonna make it in the real world of high fashion modeling. Ever notice how the winners are a far cry from your Sashas and Karlies and Stams of the actual fashion runways? Yeah, this is a make-believe-for-TV model sandwich. However, last season’s winner — the, ahem, slightly petite Nicole Fox, who some of you may remember as the “slow talker” from the shorty season — just broke through the chains that bind them! Alexander McQueen just chose her to be the face of his spring/summer 2011 collection, making her the first “ANTM” alum to land an international campaign and, well, to do some real-life, serious modeling. Judging from the latest McQueen ads involving lots of reptiles, he’ll come up with a challenge that makes Tyra’s antics look downright tame. [Houston Chronicle]