All The Deets You Never Wanted On John “Love Lips” Edwards And Rielle Hunter

And you thought you’d heard all the dirty details after John Edwards finally confessed that he is Rielle Hunter’s baby daddy. Au contraire! The Politician, the book by Andrew Young—who you know as the Edwards’ campaign staffer who initially said he was the one doing the horizontal polka with Hunter, before it came out that Edwards was the culprit—comes out next week. NY Daily News has gotten its hands on a copy, and there are some serious zingers in there. For example …

  • That Rielle referred to John as “Love Lips.”
  • On two occasions when Elizabeth was out of town, John had Rielle stay overnight at his house in North Carolina. He even had sex with her in his wife’s bed after the kids left for school. Rielle told Andrew that she felt “just like [John’s] First Lady.”
  • John promised to marry Rielle in a ceremony held on a New York City rooftop.
  • But when he heard that Rielle was pregnant, he called her a “crazy slut.” And asked Andrew to convince her to get an abortion.
  • She wouldn’t, because she believed that the baby was the reincarnated soul of a Buddhist monk who could save the world.
  • After the baby was born, John asked Andrew to swipe a dirty diaper so he could run a DNA test on it. Just in case, he would falsify a paternity test to show to the media.
  • We’ve already told you this, but it bears repeating. Andrew found a smashed VHS tape behind Rielle’s house, and repaired it. Turns out that it was a John-Rielle sex tape.

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