African-American Ladies Get “Juicy,” Their Own Celebrity Rag

Lots of our beloved magazines have been flushed down the tubes. Au revoir, Gourmet! Goodbye, Modern Bride! We’ll never forget you, Domino! But it’s not all dark clouds at the newsstand. Juicy, the first celebrity, hair and beauty magazine just for African-American women (from the same folks who publish XXL), will launch in May. (You can also check out their site,, shortly before the May launch.) Will Juicy be able to hold up next to the gajillion other gossip rags like In Touch and US Weekly? If all the dramz in Rihanna, Kanye and Usher’s lives are any indication, Juicy won’t have a problem. One potential problem, though: the mock-up cover for Juicy on XXL’s website says they’ll be writing about “fame, gossip, good hair and great style.” Good hair? Really? Didn’t Chris Rock just do a whole documentary about how awful he thinks that phrase can be? [Fishbowl NY]