Shop Crush: Je Ne Sais Quoi Online Boutique

When people say that they’re looking for something with that certain Je ne sais quoi, do you have any idea what that possibly means? (Most of the time we don’t, and just nod our heads, faking understanding.)

We think we’re getting a bit closer to the answer thanks to an e-boutique called Je Ne Sais Quoi that we’re seriously crushing on. With a focus on up-and-coming, rare, and international designers, you’ll find an expertly curated selection of distinctive must-haves. Our favorites: little dresses from French indie label Heimstone, bags by the classic British brand Ettinger, finely crafted leather cuffs by Owen & Savary, and printed scarves by Yarnz.

The real reason we love the items from JNSQ is that each manages to bring something special. Which, we realize, is a vague way of putting things. But you know what we mean, right? [Shop Je Ne Sais Quoi]