Notes From Sundance, Take 4: Must. See. The. Runaways.

Adrien Brody is so nice! I saw him stopping last night to talk to the hard-working—and now starstruck!—Sundance volunteer workers. He took his time and answered all their questions, before going on to grace the red carpet for the festival premiere of his new comedy, “High School.” It’s a semi-farce about a student who makes a small mistake (burning one with stoner classmates right before mandatory drug testing is instated), and then tries to cover it up with a huge whammy (getting his whole high school stoned, so that the test is invalidated). Adrien’s character is named Psycho Ed, but I can’t give you more than that because I got frozen out of the wait list ticket line for the third time this festival. Frankly, that’s getting a little old. For the rest of the festival, I’m going to stick with shows that I have tickets for—except “The Runaways,” which I’m even more excited for after hearing that Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning actually got on stage with Joan Jett at her show Saturday night to promote it. Gotta catch that flick somehow, even if I do share this goal with everyone else in Park City. So I’m lining up early with the rest of the hopefuls every time the film screens. Wait for me, Dakota and K-Stew. I’ll be there as soon as I can!