Why People Make Dumb Blonde Jokes: An Explanation

Researchers do all kinds of dumb studies but the latest dumb study gets kind of meta: it’s about why men tell “dumb blonde” jokes. According to the journal Society, men crack wise about “dumb blondes” because they’re intimidated by their perceived sexiness. You know, all those mystical, magical sexy-powers blondes keep in their hair!

Pardon me for sounding like a blonde here, but … like, duh. Let’s get real: dissing blonde smarts is more about disrespect than “intimidation.” The bimbo stereotype is a pretty easy way to feel big about yourself in the most grade school-ish of ways. Unfortunately, blondes are just the scapegoats we have for “dumb” women, since there are plenty of beautiful women in the world who intimidate guys. (I mean, Angelina Jolie. Hello.) It’s pretty lame, though, that the Society study found that people crack “dumb blonde” jokes even in parts of the world where there aren’t a lot of fair-haired ladies, like Asia, Brazil, and the Arab world. The jury is still out on whether Brazilians, Asians and Arabs also believe “blondes have more fun.” [Daily Mail UK]