Designer Bunny Ears Might Be One Thing, But Animal Hats?

Bunny-eared hair accessories have made quite an artistic impression this year, but even when the trend trickled down to affordable mass retailers like Topshop, they remained novelty items. Which, aside from being a relief, isn’t a surprise. Raise your hand if you’re actually going to wear some stylish bunny ears on a day when it’s not Halloween. Bueller? Point made.

But, something that is more realistic to find on the heads of real people? Animal-eared hats. Bill Cunningham, New York Times’ on-the-street fashion man, notes in a recent video that he’s seeing these happy hats all over Manhattan. This, he thinks, is actually quite wonderful: “I think it’s time for a little whimsy in fashion. Everyone’s gotten so serious. It’s just not normal to be that serious. You have to have a light moment.” While Bill’s spotting headgear that says more childish, we’re also seeing these winter fashions go upscale, as we noticed some of the hats in trendy NYC stores. Animal-eared hats certainly seem like a more accessible trend than concept bunny ears … but would you still wear them? Are animal ear hats for kids? Or awesome for bringing out the kid inside you? [New York Times]