Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Hot Chip To Charlotte Gainsbourg

This week is like the deli sandwich of new release Tuesdays, ’cause it’s jam-packed with meaty, juicy morsels of music! We got a new smokin’ Hot Chip record startin’ the dance party. The Magnetic Fields are here to polarize your heart. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck made some beautiful music together, and we hope that’s a double entendre — that would be a rad kid. Beach House made the perfect nap-time music for adults. And Los Campesinos think romance can bite it. So, get ready to turn up the volume on those headphones ’cause, after the jump, we’re gonna take the latest tunes for a spin.

Hot Chip, One Life Stand
The band that makes you not just want but need to dance is slapping the keytar for another ridunk fun record.

The Magnetic Fields, Realism
The deepest voice on the planet sings about having a broken heart while a four-piece band plucks strings. It’s more therapeutic than a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, IRM
Produced by Beck, the sound of Charlotte’s record was inspired by MRIs, or, as they’re called in France, IRMs. Hence the name of the record. Let me tell ya, medical care never sounded so cool.

Beach House, Teen Dream
Haunting melodies and sweet sentiments, the perfect record to set your alarm to ease you out of bed.

Los Campesinos, Romance Is Boring
Welsh punky pop outfit added a lovable new girl singer.